Toothpicks: good or bad?

Toothpicks: good or bad?

 So, you’ve got food stuck in your teeth, is using a toothpick a good or bad idea?

In short, toothpicks have the potential to harm your gums, and there are many dentists approved alternatives now available that offer softer bristles that are safer for your gums whilst still getting the job done.

A longer answer is, there may be a reason you keep getting food stuck in your teeth. The possible reasons you may often be getting food stuck are: badly shaped fillings, shifting teeth, gaps in your mouth or even a hole in your teeth (tooth decay).

A better method to toothpicks is properly flossing and brushing your teeth if you have food stuck. If it happens quite often, you should be making an appointment to see a dentist to ensure no major issues or damage is the cause.

It is interesting to note that toothpicks are one of the oldest oral hygiene invention, dating as far back as 3,500 BC! With so many medical advances, it’s no wonder dentists recommend other alternatives than toothpicks. The more frequently you use toothpicks, the greater chance of damage to your gums or teeth.

In times of irritation and necessity, using a toothpick is OK. Prolonged use is not recommended. If you are at home, take the time to floss properly rather than poke and prod and your teeth and gums. If irritation and stuck food is common make an appointment to ensure that this isn’t a sign of damage or more serious issues.

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