What is the Cost of a Typical Dental Check-Up? - An Expert's Guide

Having dental insurance is an essential part of keeping your mouth healthy and saving money on dental treatments. With 74 million Americans lacking dental coverage, there are several options available to offset these costs. While your total out-of-pocket expenses may depend on your dental insurance coverage, it's important to understand the average costs of common dental procedures. A back molar, an impacted tooth, or other complications can cost more than a simple filling for a front tooth.

Your insurance will generally cover a portion of these costs, up to their annual maximum. In many cases, the savings you'll receive from your insurance will far exceed the amount you would save on your monthly premium for the year if you didn't have insurance. The cost of a dental checkup can vary depending on the services you receive, how much your dentist charges, and where you live. This is especially true if you're prone to dental problems or if you haven't been to the dentist in a while.

During a routine visit, the dentist can detect a wide variety of dental problems that will be easier to treat (and less expensive) sooner. This in-depth oral exam includes the same procedure as a regular exam, but your dentist will also discuss previous dental work and your goals for your smile. Some dentists include the cost of a dental cleaning in the price of the oral exam, but others charge separately. Dental insurance plans are often separate from health insurance plans and incur a lower monthly premium.

Obviously, the costs and benefits of having insurance will vary from person to person, the state in which they live, and other factors. However, in many cases it's much less expensive to buy insurance compared to paying for dental procedures on your own. We offer a wide range of dental plans with different levels of coverage, many with affordable monthly premiums. From affordable monthly premiums to low co-pays for office visits, Humana has a dental plan that certainly fits your needs.

With paid plans and discounted dental care alternatives at local dental schools, you can find an affordable option for your needs. Your routine dental visit will include an oral exam, cleaning to remove tartar, x-rays, and an oral cancer screening¹.Having dental insurance is an important part of maintaining good oral health and saving money on treatments. With so many Americans lacking coverage, there are several options available to offset these costs. It's important to understand the average costs of common procedures and how factors like services received, dentist fees, and location can affect the cost of a typical checkup. Insurance plans are often separate from health plans and come with lower monthly premiums.

There are many plans available with different levels of coverage and affordable monthly premiums that can help you save money on treatments.

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